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30ML belleza mantenerse en forma tanga q...

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  • Description:
    Ingredient:Pepper Fruit Oil, Ginger Root Oil, The Mediterranean Cedar Wood Oil, The Skin Graft Oil, Grape Seed Oil

  • Package size:13*6.6*4.5cm
    Use :
    1) Clean your skin.

  • 2) Use a amount of the essential oil to your skin.

  • 3) Keep massage about 30 times.

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La ampliación de mama a tope de aceite e...

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  • Description:
    Brand new and high quality.    
    Package size: 36*36*116mm
    Net content: 30 (g/ml)

    take proper amount of essential oil in palm, smear on the chest and under the skin, with both hands finger, circled around the entire breast tissue, stay for 3 seconds at a time, a total of 20 times back and forth to massage, hands open, respectively by the cleavage balance dark dumb down, all the way to the outer breast!
    Figure 8 massage between the breasts, every action fully 20 times.
    Suggestion: use a full course effect more apparent (3 box as a course)
    Warm tip: before use, best hot compress the chest, the effect will be better.
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