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Creativa recipiente de moler pr?cticos u...

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Nuevo cochecito cochecito cochecito de b...

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  • Description:
    Material: 100% cotton.
    Recommended Weight or Ages: less than 11kg or 1Years old
    Color: Pink

  • Feature:
    *most popular all over the world
    *washable and comfortable
    *Safe and fit all seasons.
    *Double face can be soft nap )suit Fall and Winter, the other one (embroidery cotton) suit Spring and Summer.
    Due to your different monitor setting and lighting, it may has some color difference from the real item.But we guarantee that the style is the same as the picture showing. thanks and please kindly understand.

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T - shirt Dress Flip carpeta junta organ...

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  • Description:
    Brand new and high quality
    It enables you to fold your shirts in a short time, bringing you great convenience and saving you much time.
    It helps lessen the chores around the house and have fun as well.
    Easy to use. Also practical for kids to start helping out with folding the clothes.

  • Shirts, sweaters, towels, and even pants can be folded.

  • Material: plastic/Polypropylene(PP)
    Extended size: 40 x 48 x 0.2 cm
    Folded size: 40 x 16 x 0.2 cm
    Color: random color

  • Note: This folding clothes board size suitable for children!

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