LUNASOL Geminate Eyes 5.5g, ##01 CE

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Cosmede 4.6
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Lunasol Geminate Eyes has the following features:
  • A five-color eye shadow set for creating eyes that sparkle endlessly like gemstones.
  • The eyes acquire new depth and dimensions.
  • With colors that never smudge as they are layered on, giving birth to a glossy moist look and a noble radiance.

How to use:

  1. Blend A (Highlight Color) on the center of the eyelid and below the arch of the eyebrow.
  2. Blend B (Medium Color) on the eyelid crease.
  3. Apply D (Shade Color) along the base of the upper eyelashes as you draw a line.
  4. Apply C (Accent Color) under the eyes as you draw a line.
  5. Apply E (Geminate Color) all over the eyelid by patting lightly with the finger.


Modelo Geminate Eyes
Garantía del producto No Warranty
Tamaño (L x P x A cm) 18X10.5X8
Peso (kg) 0.061
Condición del producto Nuevo
Contenido 5.5g,

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1 x LUNASOL Geminate Eyes 5.5g, ##01 CE

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